Patrick Moore in Draper's Manuscripts

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Dr. Lyman Draper's Research Into Col. Patrick Moore

4DD58 & 4DD59--First Letter from Hugh Moore to Draper and Drapers Response

4DD60--Second Letter of Hugh Moore of Limestone Springs to Draper in Response to Questions

4DD61--Exchange of Letters Between Draper and Col. W. W. Gaffney

4DD63--Letter from Patrick Moore of Cartersville, Ga. to Draper


Lincolnton and Cherryville North Carolina Letters About Patrick Moore to Draper

4DD71 and 4DD72--August 24, 1880, Letter of Draper to Mr. John H. Roberts of Cherryville, N. C.

4DD66--October 9, 1880,  Letter of  Miss A. E. Henderson to Draper

4DD67--October 12, 1880, First Letter of Mr. John H. Roberts to Draper

4DD68--October 13, 1880,  Letter of Dr. G. W. Michael to Draper

4DD70--November 22, 1880, Letter of Mr. John H. Roberts to Draper

4DD69--No Date on Letter of Mr. John H. Roberts to Draper


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